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The shipment will be sent out immediately if you pay by credit card, otherwise immediately after receipt of payment.

We are pleased that you are interested in purchasing our 100% organic, organic, dynamic and mostly vegan product line.

Please read the following information carefully before you fill your shopping cart.

Please note that the online shop is not yet fully functional and has the following limitations:

-1) The selection of free test samples with the order processing is not yet working.

-2) However, the automated adjustment of the following order- status messages may still arrive heavily delayed:
-Payment has been received,
-Order has been shipped,
-Shipment number transmission,
as we still have to enter all this manually.

But don’t worry, even if your status is still pending or in process, you can be sure that the shipment is already on its way to you.
If you would like to have a tracking number, just reply to us with your order confirmation and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

But be sure that you will not be left empty-handed with your order.

  • from 100 € minimum order value = incluide 1 free test sample
  • from reaching 250 € order value = incl. + 1 free test sample more
  • from 500 € order value = incl. +1 free test sample more
  • from 1000 € order value = incl. + 1 beginner starter set more.

Important shipping information due to the current Covid-19 situation:

Unfortunately, we have now been forced to introduce a one-time shipping fee.

The shipping flat rate was based on the 01.01.2021 new valid DHL International and UPS shipping zone table adopted accordingly 1:1.

They were estimated based on a 10kg shipping weight, which is the average value of end customer orders. So if you feel free to order something for more weight, you will save more shipping cost.

Only for Canada and Japan: Due to currently constantly changing worldwide pandemic situation, in addition to the normal freight surcharges in some countries additional not insignificant freight surcharges will be assessed by the freight companies, which is why we unfortunately currently see ourselves forced to include these in the one-time shipping costs incurred for you – so regardless of your order value such surcharges will then be listed in temporary special zones.

You can find out which other countries are affected at as well as here:

If you should order something from a country where there is no shipping at the moment, you will be informed about the delivery status and the further procedure will be discussed with you.

Special Country Information:
Canada Due to the currently very limited transport capacity available, DHL will ship parcels to Canada by ocean freight until further notice.

Orders are also possible directly from us with worldwide delivery from a minimum order value of ~85 GBP | ~107 US$ | ~142 CAD$ | = 100 €. Please note that a shipment below this value can only be processed by us from this value of goods onwards.

Below that, our products are only available through the shops in our list here.

Please note that if your order exceeds 150 € for all shipments outside the “European Union”, you will have to pay additional customs duties for your purchase.
If you are outside the “EU”, this is an additional part of the purchase contract.
Should the shipment, contrary to expectations, not have been released by you within the storage period at customs or a general return shipment after the storage period occurs, the corresponding 1.) shipping costs, 2) return costs, as well as 3,) possibly resulting customs duties, are completely at your expense. In this case you will be contacted by us for a refund of the remaining purchase amount or a credit note.

We are sure that after using our products for the first time, you will not want to miss the advantages of our products and the final result with the unique taste. Thank you for your trust in our 100% organic, biological, dynamic and mostly vegan product range, we wish you maximum success with the use of our products.

other special Country Information/s:
Canada Due to the currently very limited transport capacity available, DHL will ship parcels to Canada by ocean freight until further notice.

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