Fast Plants Spray

Vitalizing plant aid for young plants

Ideal to use on:

  • Seedlings
  • Young plants
  • Cuttings
  • Mother plants

With Fast Plants:

  • nutrients are unlocked more easily, increasing receptivity right from the start.
  • plants produce higher amounts of CO2 and other beneficial matter, which lets them grow faster.
  • nutrient deficiencies are removed reliably.

Fast Plants offers many advantages:

  • clearly better and quicker root development
  • no more nutrient deficiencies or stunted growth
  • shocks are dealt with more easily, shortening the growing phase
  • foliage is visibly vitalized and highly branched
  • stress tolerance and heat resistance are increased

Application as foliar spray:

We suggest spraying the leaves dripping wet after the lights have gone out.


  • spray every two days


  • spray every third day

Young plants

  • spray every fifth day

Mother plants

  • spray three days before and three days after taking cuttings

Fast Plants is available in the following sizes:

  • 100 ml spray bottle
  • 250 ml spray bottle
  • 1 L refill bottle
  • 5 L canister
  • 10 L canister