Dear Customers,

Green Buzz Liquids has been created to bring the best performance and quality out of your plants at all stages.

That is why we specialize in plant care with a balanced product range of special fertilizers, soil aids, plant aids, clon-gel and boosters for superior plant breeding.

Our Line of Products

Organic Grow Liquid
Organic Bloom Liquid
Organic More PK
Fast Start Gel

Fast Plants Spray
More Roots
Humic Acid Plus
Fast Buds
Big Fruits
Clean Fruits
pH- Powder
Living Organics
Starter Set – Beginner
Starter Set – Professional
Organic Cal Mag

Green Buzz Liquids | …fine selected nutrients was founded to help your plants achieve the highest performance and quality. Therefore we offer a variety of finely tuned, 100% organic nutrients, micro elements, plant aids and stimulators.

Since 1999 we have been dealing with a wide variety of fertilizers, plant aids, soil conditioners and cultured substrates from different manufacturers, and were actively involved in selling and advising the end customers.

With the founding of Green Buzz Liquids in January, beginning of 2012, we initially turned to the needs-oriented supply of the plants in their transitional and high-performance phases with special soil aids, plant aids and boosters. With the development of the two NPK fertilizers for the growth and flowering phase until the beginning of 2014, the 100% organic product range was gradually further developed. In early 2015, our 100% vegan PK Booster “Organic More PK” was added and completed our product range for the time being.

For the future, various substrate mixtures and a fully automated CPU-controlled Aeroponic system and further useful tooling are being planned, which, however, require an even larger company location.

We look forward to continuing to grow together with you and your plants.

100% Natural Organic Power

We exclusively process the highest quality organic raw materials. In addition, all products are left with the highest permissible concentration in germany and are also declared in complete listing on the respective product labels. A high concentration of the products is not only ecologically sensible, because ultimately less water is transported, but also economically, whereby the user is rewarded with a clearly fair price with every liter of used nutrient solution. Anyone comparing the purchase price with the expected total amount of nutrient solution will quickly find out how badly he has been using a different fertilizer. Because of the high concentration, the slightly higher purchase price is relativized after only a few applications:

In order to meet your needs in the future, we continue to build on your feedback and of course always appreciate your criticism and comments.

We wish you maximum success with the use of our 100% organic product line!

Your Green Buzz Liquids | fine selected nutrients – Team